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The North Hi Mount community dates back to the early 1900's. This area once served as a U.S. Army base, Camp Bowie. North Hi Mount consisted of four additions. First was the Mattison Addition followed by Bunting, McCart and Rose Hill. These were all platted in 1910 from The Boulevard Land Company with H.S. Bunting as president and C.S. Mattison as Secretary. In the original plat, Belle street stopped at Clarke and what is now Belle from Clarke north to 7th was McCart Street. The plat provided for streets, alleys, and utilities. Also allowed were buggies, surreys, carriages, passenger vehicles. However, "no wagon or vehicles used in the hauling or handling of freight of any kind shall ever be allowed on the streets of the additions". However soon enough there would be a World War and the area was used as a military base. When the war was over the area quickly started its transformation into what we now know and love as North Hi Mount. Most of the houses built in this area date to the early 1920's. We do, however, have quite a few that precede that date by at least a decade. Arlington Heights Boulevard would soon be renamed Camp Bowie Boulevard. There would be a trolley that would run from downtown out west to the Pavilion located in the country on Lake Como. Businesses would take hold and the economy of the area improved. Montgomery Ward would build a huge distribution center and General Motors would have an assembly plant right across the street. Movie theaters would pop up along the Boulevard. The Seventh Street theater lasted until the early 2000's. The Bowie was made into a bank, the Frost, and the Ridglea became a hot spot for music and is still used today for bands both big and small. The west side also boasts some of the best restaurants in the city. You can enjoy every kind of food from steak to Tex-Mex, lobster to hot dogs, Asian, Italian, French and simple home cooking. We love our area. The old, the new, the memories and the prospect of what is to come. Those are the things that make us what we are and makes this part of town home.



The North Hi Mount Neighborhood consists of about 460 homes. Although we are a small neighborhood our streets are filled with beauty and history as well as more modern residences. The boundaries for NHMNA are Camp Bowie Boulevard on the South and West 7th on the North. The Eastern boundary is Haskell and Virginia is the West boundary. This also includes the streets of Bunting, Mattison, and Modlin all the way west to the dead-ends.

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Annual Membership dues are $ 20 yearly (per household), and can be renewed/paid either by Zelle to or by mail/drop off (cash or check).

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North Hi Mount Neighborhood Association

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Download the North Hi Mount Neighborhood Association Bylaws (docx)

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